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Who Am I?

Merry Meet 🤗

I'm so grateful you have decided to visit today, thank you.

I am a Gypsy Witch and I have been searching for different things and found some but also found it hard to find what I was looking for so here I am!

I decided to create my own space with all the things I love. Please be patient with me as I have just begun and finding the right products for you can take time.

The good news is once I've found them I get to share them with you which is very exciting.

I hope you come on this wonderous adventure with me and love it as much as I am.

Believe in what you can not see and it will appear to you with love and gratitude, just like magick.

I believe in being positively different and always being who I am.

If this is you too and you want to join me on this journey, jump on board and subscribe as I have so many things I want to share with you.

Blessed Be 💕

Love Lisa 💋

Our products are hand picked for your enjoyment. Humans for thousands of years have helped each other in many different ways.

Our customers love the way our products make them look and feel because we care about making this experience one you will remember.

Keeping you healthier & happier within yourself.


No animal or person has been harmed using our products.

Inclusive products for everyone

Our inclusive line of products covers people from all areas of the magickal realm. Lushus Lines is here to help customers find the perfect options for themselves regardless of their beliefs.